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I'm at my happiest when climbing a mountain, running or riding my bike, being out in nature has been an imperative part of my life and I've always tried to make a minimal impact on the planet along the way. 

So much so, that,I decided to become a vegetarian at 9 years old due to environmental reasons and was pale, lanky and lacking energy growing up, by the time I was a teenager, I was incredibly anaemic and lacking vital nutrients and protein. Crazy to think in the Western world, but I had been none the wiser.


Reluctantly I started eating meat again and I literally saw the colour come back to my cheeks.


This gave me an interest in nutrition and I became fascinated with how food affects our bodies. I discovered that there are so many other people suffering from malnutrition in the Western world, the most common being the lack of iron. Plus for vegetarians, such as myself, insignificant amounts of vitamin B12,


I slowly started to cut down meat again to align myself with my ethical values. Often replacing vitamins and minerals with synthetic supplements.

Adventure is in my genes, I am always up for trying the most adventurous meal on the menu and tasting new exciting cuisines when traveling, including the odd bug - the quirkier the better!


Combining my love for food and need for nutritional replenishment I was disappointed that I could not find a healthy protein bar that wasn't packed full of sugar, emulsifiers, artificial vitamins, words couldn't pronounce and more numbers than my tax return. Let alone taste good. 


The epiphany of LEAP came to me on a road tip in the Canadian Rockies last year when I heard about the fundamental nutrients you can get from introducing crickets into our diets.   

Not only were crickets good for you but they are the most sustainable protein source available. It aligned with my ethics and when I introduced them to my diet I felt re energised. 


So the experiments began in my kitchen, blowing up a few mixers along the way, in the search for the perfect protein bar with a difference. Using cricket powder as a replacement for other traditional forms.

Challenging the status quo and combining my values of clean healthy eating, environmental responsibility, and sustainability and using compostable packaging to ensure that they leave zero waste. 

The LEAP Protein Bar was born.

Jessica Wasteney. Founder.

LEAP Cricket Bars

LEAP Protein Bars are made from our love and passion for healthy foods. We wanted something with real vitamins and high-quality protein that tantalises taste buds. No nasties, just honest and healthy goodness.



Being able to choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly protein source that is kind on you and kinder on the planet. Crickets have long been renowned to be the highest quality of protein for us humans and have the lowest impact on your environment. 


Are you ready to take LEAP?

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