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Organic Cricket Protein Powder: Build Muscle Without The Whey

You care about what you put in your body, and you know the negative effects that whey protein can have. For many people, dairy products (including whey protein) lead to skin breakouts, cause bloating, and can cause digestive issues. Cricket protein eliminates the pesky effect of whey, while still giving you the protein that you need to fuel your workouts and build muscle.

If you're looking to buy cricket protein powder, you need to choose a supplier that uses environmentally sound methods. At LEAP Protein in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, we're proud to partner with local farmers to ethically source all of the ingredients in our organic cricket protein powder. When you choose an organic product, you're giving your body all of the protein it craves, without any of the harmful pesticides and chemicals used in conventional farming to keep costs down.

We know that our customers are looking to buy cricket protein powder that will help them meet their health and fitness goals, and our organic cricket protein powder is created with you in mind. We flavour our cricket powder with great tasting, wholesome ingredients that add even more nutritional punch to your protein, without adding any artificial colourings or flavours. We believe that natural food tastes great when it's done right, and we need to deliver the nutrition you deserve in every canister of protein powder and/ or protein bar you purchase.

When you choose LEAP Protein, you're making the right choice for the environment and your body.

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