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Slightly Nutty

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Why are so many people suddenly talking about bugs?

Let alone eating them? What an icky thought of seeing a bug in the house, never mind popping one into your mouth.

Have these's guys gone completely nuts?

Arn't we meant to DE-bug everything? Even our computer bugs need to be exterminated.

I needed to find out more information! It was beyond my western mindset to be eating something that I have only known to be a pest.

Turns out that eating insects is way more popular then I realised. Here, in Australia, the indigenous people have been eating bush tucker for thousands of years, in fact, throughout the World, over 2 million people are already eating the little critters according to a recent study at Rutgers University and as our ancestors had a taste for the little critters it means they are totally Paleo!

Given there unsavoury reputation, why are edible insects becoming increasingly popular in the Western culture? What health and environmental factors are leaning us towards this bug eating movement?

Now, I don't know about you but crickets, compared to most bugs, seem way more aesthetically appealing then their closely related aqua cousins the prawn. Yep! Thats right, crickets and prawns are both Arthropods, so you have probably already been eating sea insects with out even knowing. Oh, and if you have a shellfish allergy, you will probably be sensitive to crickets too so watch out!

Crickets are rich in vitamin and minerals, including many nutrients that the western world are deficient in. According to the World Health Organisation iron deficiency, 'Anaemia is one of the most common and intractable nutritional problems in the world today'.

Crickets are high in Iron, calcium, vitamin B12 and fibre are just a few of the nutrients we need. Crickets are also a complete protein source ideal for post workout recovery. Containing all your essential amino acids. (Essential: meaning that your body can not make it alone). With the vitamins being bioavailable, which means that our bodies recognise the minerals and vitamins and is able to use them more effectively compared to synthetic ones.

Crickets outer shell contains chitin which has got probiotic goodness and fibre, to make your gut and mind a happy one. The gut is the second brain after all!

But, still even with all the health benefits and nutrition data, not to even mention the environmental benefits, you still can't get your head around eating a whole one?

Cricket powder is a perfect way to introduce it into your diet as bridges that gap between the ick factor of eating a full cricket and still reaping the many health rewards. The powder, often referred to as flour, can be baked in many things including bread, muffins and cakes or used as healthier alternative to traditional protein powders and put into shakes or protein balls.

I've tried many protein powders over the years, whey, soy, pea... you name it, I love a good protein hit after my work out. With 69% protein and magnesium, cricket protein powder gives me the natural health benefits I need. No need for the synthetic vitamins, sugar, sweeteners or a chalky after taste, I can see why crickets are becoming a trendy food source right now!

So, you are tempted and almost ready to try, but, wondering what this super food tastes like?

A: Slightly nutty, they are delicious! Crickets are very devisable and there are many fun ways you can bake and blend it, wether making a sweet treats or savoy delight!

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