LEAP Protein provides you with an important source of nutrients. Supplying you with a boost of quality organic protein, omega acids, iron, vitamin B12, calcium and fibre. 


An exceptionally great dose of goodness to aid recovery post workout, sustainable energy hit and prevent brain fog at 3 pm on a workday. All this in a tasty snack.


There’s no wonder why crickets are considered one of the most reliable health foods on the planet. 


Your body and mind deserve the best when it comes to your health. Stress, work, athletics, study and other lifestyle factors deplete our bodies from the essential nutrients we need to feel at our best. 


Now you can replenish yourself with these tasty, guilt-free pleasures!


Still struggling to get over the 'ick' of popping one of these cricket filled bars into your mouth? No worries, it's ok for you to miss out. 


For all the FOMO guys, and girls, out there, here is your opportunity to take the Leap!


Learn all about LEAP Protein and how this game changer Super Food can help you to flourish from within.  

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